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that's it for this special edition of 360. we continue our coverage with chris cuomo. >> this is cnn breaking news. we begin in california with
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miguel marquez. he's in big bear, california. he's been tracking the story all day and he has the latest. miguel, what do we know? >> well, we know there is a body in a cabin just up the road from where we are. and we believe it is the body of christopher dorner. we have confirmed it through several federal law enforcement and through someone who apparently leaked it from los angeles police department that dorner is in that cabin and now it is a matter of collecting his body and 100% identifying it. san bernardino sheriffs office push back as has lapd saying they haven't gotten in there and are not sure it is him but they said throughout the day mr. dorner was spotted several times, was in the cabin and never left that cabin. i have from another law enforcement official, federal official that his cell phone, mr. dorner's cell phone went on throughout the day and it is possible they were able to talk to him during the day and confirm he was in there and more importantly he did not have
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hostages in that cabin. at one.he tried to get out of it, apparently by throwing a smoke grenade out of the cabin and trying to shoot his way out. he was forced back in to the cabin and short time after that, whether he set the fire or whether law enforcement started the fire when pumping gas in to the cabin, he is still the cabin. for all intents and purposes this was a huge scene a few hours ago and now police have left, no more searching going on tonight. san bernardino sheriffs office seemingly confident they have their man. chris? >> the story is still developing. part of that is because there are a lot of different aspects of law enforcement. local, city, state, federal involved here. you have been at the press conferences all day. you are coming from the san bernardino sheriffs office. let's play a little sound from cindy bachman at one of the press conferences.
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here it is. >> we had reason to believe it was christopher dorner because he victims of the car theft said the suspect that stole their car looked like him and his actions after stealing the vehicle led us to believe even stronger that it was him. we have not confirmed that it is him. >> you have to remember, this is a very confusing situation. a lot of different law enforcement involved. this happened randomly. they hadn't been tailing this suspect. what happened essentially in short hand format is they got a report from people who had their pickup truck hijacked. the people who were driving the vehicle said they identified the man who did it as christopher dorner, the excop, the subject of this manhunt. that of course triggered the suspicion of wildlife and game officers who were there. they wound up getting in to a fire fight with this suspect. they wound up chasing him, the vehicle was ditched. he ran in to the woods, found a
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cabin. that's when san bernardino sheriffs and a lot of other law enforcement came in, combined assets and surrounded the cab than led to the dramatic end you see here. the cabin in flames. there's been a lot of moving parts an confusion. miguel, when you hear that, the reason cindy bachmann had to comen and give a preps press conference, let's get your reaction to it, is after she originally told us they believed they had dorner's body the lapd said we don't know that. we are keeping all security of people in place. we're not sure. then dame came this. your reaction to it all? >> i think she wants to make 110% sure they do, in fact, have him. but it is very clear that officials across the spectrum, with the exception of lapd who says they will keep up their defenses tonight of those individuals who are named in dorner's manifesto, on this mountain this is no more search
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for dorner going on this evening. one difference in the way this seems to have played out this afternoon, the "los angeles times" reporting it was two cleaning ladies that walked in to the cabin initially. dorner surprised them in there. he then tied them up. he stole their purple nissan car. took off in that. the fish and game individuals saw him in that. had a shootout with him. he ditched that car. went in to the woods, car jacked, basically a white pickup truck. he was chased in that until he crashed it and then went to the second cabin and that's where he apparently met his end, chris. >> you took it back even another step. there were literally two car jackings today. there were hostages, we believe for sometime but ultimately no hostages in the cabin. that's what officials believe at this point. there were two shootouts. one with the wildlife and game officers and then the san bernardino county sheriffs were
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in a separate shoot out where one lost his life and the other shot is told he will be okay. it is difficult when you have so many branches of law enforcement involved it is confusing. at the end of the day all that matters is accuracy and safety and that's the goal of all involved here. let's go to randi kaye in los angeles. she's been following it all day for us. what's the latest for you there? >> chris, a short time ago we had the lapd spokesman captain smith come out. he was heat about the fact there had been all of this talk about christopher dorner's body pulled from the cabin and identified as christopher dorner. he said that is absolutely not true. another story trying to clear up if there was or wasn't a body and if there was an identification. he said it is not true. we spoke privately and he said he was on the phone with somebody who was standing next to what was left of the cabin. he said he could see the embers
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and there was plenty of smoke and fire. he said it was too unsafe for anybody to go inside. they would not have entered what was left of the cab an they said before they were to remove the body they would spend hours photographing the scene, documenting everything. they would never remove the body so quickly. they said they hope to get in tonight if things cool down but may have to wait until tomorrow to get inside. >> thank you so much for the reporting and perspective. miguel, thank you to you, as well. long nights for both of you. thank you for doing all of the reporting today. it is interesting, miguel marquez made the point earlier today when there was this confusion and weren't sure if the body was found or not and why. and miguel said we know this, all of the blockades that had been along 38, this route where he was were now gone and the law enforcement perimeter seems to be shifting. now that wound up to be
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consistent with some knowledge of some type of end point in the investigation in what was a developing situation. which also wound up corresponding with the person on the phone with us right now. the information from a man named tom fuentes. you told anderson and me earlier in the day you received reports from law enforcement that they believed dorner was inside. they believed that's high they had to launch a tactical response and put in flash devices or tear gas devices and then we got a confusion of information. as you look at it in the totality of circumstances and what you have learned today, what do you think the best-case scenario is right now? >> i think exactly what we said earlier tonight. that he was in there and killed and did not escape. the information i was reporting
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on is that somebody at that site an officer at that site had called back to one of their parent agencies and said that he's here and dead. that was vehemently denied by lapd. but something randy said just said is telling and that is the l.a. commander says he was on the phone with somebody standing next to the cabin. that tells you people were at the site making phone calls back to their agencies. that could have led to the confusion and they have not been the only phone call made to another officer at lapd which is why information may have come out with what they officially wanted to report. in spite of the fact, i can understand why lapd wants to maintain the protection of the people involved in this until there is absolutely somebody that goes in to that burned out area and finds that body. on the other hand, from the san
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bernardino standpoint, they have to be 100% sure this is over or they wouldn't have called it off. they have already been burned by it that they scaled back the search on the mountain thinking he is gone, in mexico, we're not going to need as many police officers searching residences and cabins than found out he is holding hostages under their nose in a location that should have been a primary search area. i think that is an embarrassment that will be focused on more in the days ahead an how could that have happened? how could they scale back and the guy is up there holding hostages and now tonight, when you have this essential shootout and fire, if there was any possibility that he escaped through the perimeter and got out there, they are facing the same situation. he's already taken hostages and home invaded before. he'll do it before. he'll steal another car. >> that's the point, tom. looking at it from the flip scenario here because you have branches of law enforcement that
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don't work together that often, and there's so much fear because this man christopher dorner has been so efficient and effective at taking on the police officers and winning, of course, in the most horrible sense of the word. what's the worse-case scenario if there is no body or the body turns out not to be dorner. i know it is a remote possibility. >> the worse-case scenario, if that played out to be true and tomorrow or the next day when they get inside of that burned out cabin and discover there's no body or a body of somebody else, let's say, possibly an innocent person, but dorner's body is not found, than this is going to be one of the biggest black eyes on a law enforcement agency we have had almost ever that they stopped the search. they called off the road blocks. they basically scale everything down making it appear they are totally confident that this is resolved and the community is safe and their own territory on that mountain top, all the residents in the area are safe.
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if they call it off and find out he is not there, he got out. that would be the most incredible -- i don't know, that would be incredible to me. >> i understand, tom. it understand it is remote. but abundance of caution and all that matters is the safety and completion of this coming to an end and we can understand why there is so much uncertainty given the confusion and the moving parts. thank you for the reporting all day and i'm sure we will talk to you about this later. >> thank you. >> that's the latest on the manhunt in california. as information comes in we will give it to you. right now we are going to turn to the president's state of the union address. the most powerful and emotional moment may have come near the end when he talked about gun violence. he demanded up or down votes on his gun control proposals and some victims of shooting violence stood, cheered and even shed tears. take a look. >> i know this is not the first
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time this country has debated how to reduce gun violence. but this time is different. overwhelming majorities of americans, americans who believe in the second amendment, have come together around common sense reform. like background checks that will make it harder for criminals to get their hands on a gun. senators -- [ applause ] senators of both parties are working together on tough, new laws to prevent anyone from buying gun for resale to criminals. police chiefs are asking our help to get weapons of war and massive ammunition magazinest magazines off our streets because these police chiefs are tired of seeing their guys and gals outgunned. each of these proposals deserves a vote in congress. [ applause ]
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if you want to vote no, that's your choice. but these proposals deserve a vote. because in the two months since newtown, more than 1,000 birthdays, graduations, anniversaries, have been stolen from our lives by a bullet from a gun. more than 1,000. one of those we lost was a young girl named idea pendleton. she was 15 years old. she loved figure newtons. she was a majorette. she was so good to her friends, they all thought they were her best friend. just three weeks ago, she was here in washington with her classmates performing for her country at my inauguration.
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and a week later, she was shot and killed in a chicago park after school. just a mile away from my house. idea's parents, nate and cleo are in this chamber tonight along with more than two dozen americans who's lives have been torn apart by gun violence. they deserve a vote. [ applause ] they deserve a vote. [ applause ] gabrielle giffords deserves a vote. the families of newtown deserve a vote. the families of aurora deserve a vote. the families of oak creek and tucson and blacksburg and the countless other communities ripped open by gun violence, they deserve a simple vote.
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>> interesting aspect of this, of course, the emotion there. especially with all of the victims in the audience. when we did polling after the state of the union about what moved people in different ways, this issue resonated the most in terms of an increase in support for the president's proposition which is to say the numbers went from 61% believing his ideas about gun control policy will make the country better, take it in the right direction, went to 70% and those who disagreed with the direction went down just a little bit 31 to 28. that brings the question -- thank you very much for joining me. this issue can be looked at in a couple of ways, we have a lot of side laws they don't make a difference. deal with the big issues, health care, budget, entitlement. but i will begin with you van jones former obama adviser. let me ask you this, do you believe, even with the emotion,
12:18 am
do you believe that left and right can come together and get something done that would be meaningful on gun control? >> well, first of all, i think that even the second time you hear the president make that powerful, powerful statement, it's emotional. he really struck a chord. i think that will go down as one of his most defining moments where he spoke to the heart of the issue and the heart of the country. i hope that we can get something done. i will tell you why. some funerals get on television. a lot of funerals don't. i think americans are tired of going to funerals and seeing young people in the caskets and old folks like me and you in the pews. i'm tired of seeing prom pictures being used on funeral programs. i'm tired of that. some programs are about assault weapons and we talked about the fact it is mostly hand guchbs. some won't get to the violence but i hope we will. >> because there is one reason, i have covered every shooting
12:19 am
since columbine. i have been with the family and up understand the pain but -- there's not a lot of cause to believe another law will make another difference. it seems enforcement will make the difference. i know there is emotion to give it a quick fix but maybe there isn't one. margaret hoover republican strategist what do you think of this? can there be compromise? >> and are the propositions laws that will make us feel better but not make us safer. the justice department identified 77 thourk people who have broken a law and been identified on background checks, lying to buy guns and the fbi hasn't turned them over to them and justice hasn't chosen to prosecute this. >> we can fix that easily. the question is where is the common ground? what can we find in terms of the common ground and how do we then get republicans and democrats on board together?
12:20 am
i think one of those areas where you are going to have the most likelihood is on background checks. the nra supported it in the past. there are reasonable republicans who are willing to go with a larger majority of democrats in this area. look at suburban democrats outside of philadelphia for example. they are willing to talk about background checks. >> is it enough if you say you are going to make background checks more real. is that enough when people are staring at semiautomatic rifles and saying they have to go. we need the assault weapon ban? here's a couple of things. first of all it is not a side issue when you are living in south central los angeles or in chicago. don't say it is a side issue. it is not a side issue for too many community. it is up-front issue. too many of our young people are dying. that said, where too many republicans are is understandable. i think she will agree, you can not be against all of the common sense gun laws. it is near universal acceptance of the idea that we need background checks. it is strong support and cnn's
12:21 am
own polling about the need for us to limit these clips. the to do nothing around the issue of guns is a nonstarter. it is not politically sustainable for any party to say we are not going to do anything around guns right now. >> i agree with cornell. i think it is imperative republicans and the nra to be part of the solution. what we are hearing again and again from the american public is they want something done. there's nothing wrong with laws ma make you feel better. in fact, we got a ton of laws that make us feel worse. there wouldn't be anything wrong with one that makes us feel better. yes, there's a lot of other things we have to do. we have to reinforce the laws that are already on the books. but if there is common ground that can be reached -- and i think there is. i have spoken to enough republicans in the senate and congress who feel there is common grounds on thing loose like the universal background check and we can not let the
12:22 am
perfect be the enemy of the good. if there are certain good things we can agree on, we must do that. it can't be my way or the highway. that extends for both sides of the aisle. the other thing you have to understand here is that there is a lot of democrats. there's not a lot but enough democrats. seven in the senate certainly who are up for re-election who remember the huge democrat losses from the last time this got done. you can ask mark pryor in arkansas how he feels. >> van, hold the point. i want to go to break but i want to end on we can't let the perfect get in the way of the good. that's the line of the night so far. we will take a quick break and we will look at the republican response that marco rubio impressive as well and we will show you why and take you to a focus group that got to think of senator rubio's remarks and our reality check. we will have a team looking a the proposals on jobs some stay with us. oh! progress-oh!
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>> this is cnn breaking news. >> hello, everyone. we have more on the breaking news in california. the manhunt for the former police officer christopher dorner. we're going back to los angeles. we will first give you the latest on the other big story, president obama's state of the union speech and reaction to it.
12:26 am
let's look at what our focus groups in virginia thought of senator marco rubio's response to the president's speech. we measured their reaction while they watched. now, let me explain how this works. the squiggly lines behind me. the blue line is democrats and red is for republicans an yellow is independents. how do they work? well, here's senator rubio's best moment of the night according to the frequency with his own party. it happened at 10:32 when he talked about taxes. >> this idea that our problems were caused by a government that are too small is just not true. in fact, the major cause of our recent downturn is the housing crisis created by reckless government policies and the idea that more taxes and more government spending is the best way to help hard-working middle-class taxpayers is an idea that has failed every time it has been tried.
12:27 am
>> democrats on the other hand gave senator rubio low marks for similar comments. just about the same time, 10:31. >> presidents in both parties from john f. kennedy to ronald reagan have known that our free enterprise economy is the source of our middle-class prosperity. but president obama he believes it is the cause of our problems. that the economic downturn happened because our government didn't tax enough, spend enough or control enough. and therefore, as you heard tonight, his solution to virtually every problem we face is for washington to tax more, borrow more and spend more. >> with independents, senator rubio scored low marks at 10:40 when he spoke about the second amendment. >> of course we face other challenges, as well. we were all heart broken by the recent tragedy in connecticut. we must effectively be able to rise to violence in our country but unconstitutionally
12:28 am
undermining the rights of americans is not the way to do it. >> we will go to cnn'ser rin burnett with the focus group in richmond, virginia. erin? >> his speech was a different reaction here than the president. let me ask you, who thought that marco rubio did a good job? definitely have some people but when you compare to what we saw with the president the numbers were overwhelming in terms of being positive for the president. find out what it was that inspired and didn't inspire. let me start with you, flynn. you are an independent and voted both ways. you had something positive to say about marco rubio. >> he makes a pleasing appearance. he's youthful, articulate. his thoughts were well organized, well presented and most of the things he said ai agree. >> there's one point of you. michelle, you are republican but
12:29 am
you thought that marco rubio did a good job and how come? >> he was able to include some descriptions about his proposals. whereas the president glossed over a lot of issues. >> any proposals that stood out specifically? >> he was more specific, it seemed on managing the money and immigration reform. >> all right. thank you. now we will go from one republican to another. let me come down to you, ellen. i know you as a republican were not as excited about his performance. where did he fall short? >> i think one of the things that i was disappointed in is that he focused so much on his own personal immigrant story. i felt that he could have been more inclusive of everything else. >> so too much about himself. >> little too much. >> you are an independent. you had policy questions. >> i'm not sure that he drew the sharp contrasts around policy, particularly around medicare and education that would have
12:30 am
supported how partisan he was in the beginning. so i was waiting to hear something very different from him based on how he started the speech. it felt like it was at least similar to what obama was saying. >> is this something -- we were talking beforehand in the room, but when he was talking about respecting all life that seemed to be a social issue but wasn't, is that what you are talking about. >> in the beginning of the speech when he came out and was striking a fairly partisan tone with obama i was waiting to see or hear policy differences that were sharper than what he proposed. >> final word here to you, shannon. i know you felt he was falling short as and voter. >> i was surprised and disappointed how combative i his tone seemed to be. the president his whole tone conciliatory looking for opportunities to work with congress. rubio seemed to be more of the same problem i have had the past four years, us versus them instead of here's opportunities
12:31 am
to work together and get on the same page and get something done the next four years. >> as you are aware the rebuttal to the state of the union is a tryout. you don't have the audience or people there. he has got some votes there, so maybe from the perspective of marco rubio, that speech was successfulf, but we shall see. back to you. >> well, you make an excellent point for the senator, because first time with the national massive audience and no crowd to play off of and staring into the camera like i am now, but i do it for a living, but politics aside people are impressed with him all success aside. and the other man of the evening was president obama and a big push for him and bar of success
12:32 am
was about the need to create jobs, fiscal responsibility and his ability to help the middle-class. here is what he had to say tonight. >> our economy is adding jobs, but too many people still can't find full time employment. corporate profits have skyrocketed to all-time highs, but for a decade incomes and wages have barely budged. it is our generation's task then to reignite the true engine of america's economic growth, a rising, thriving middle-class. >> tom foreman is standing by with a reality check on what the president had to say about jobs. tom? >> well, you know, chris, this issue of jobs has been the issue of the obama presidency from the beginning, and he did talk about it tonight and just like the campaign and let's get more jobs in the middle-class and help them to move ahead and help with the savings, but the simple
12:33 am
truth is that the first thing he has to do is to get them out of the hole they have descended into in recent years. let's look at the jobs record since he took office n. 2009 when he came in 183 million people were unemploy and dramatically dropping until february of 2010 when it hit the lowest point, and then we began the long slow grind up to where we are today, and that is about 1.2 million jobs higher than it was when the president took office in 2009. that is an improvement, but not nearly as robust as many people would like to see, and here's the more important point. the jobs that we lost over here were better than the jobs that we have gained back over here. and let me explain what i am talking about. rutgers university did a study where they talked to a lot of people who had lost jobs and
12:34 am
then regained other jobs, and this is what they found, of the people 22% said that they are being paid the same as they were before. beyond that, though, look at this, 24% said they are paid more and 55% said they are being paid less. this is one of the great underreported stories of the economy, underemployment, and the people who work hard and trying to move ahead, and many of whom are middle-class, and just can't get any real traction here. this is the great challenge for this president, and not merely to produce jobs, but good jobs which continue to be in short supply. chris? >> tom, you make an excellent point. and not only looking at the big red section is that an obvious challenge, because when you look at underemployment you go from the 8% to 16%, which is a more formidable number, and it seems as though you should have a magic wand, tom, the way you move your hand and appear -- i'm
12:35 am
new to cnn and that is impressive. you have to teach me how to do that. i have to go to the contributors van jones, and ana navarro and cornell belcher, and margaret hoover, and so, the number that we want to talk about, democrats and jobs, ana navarro, have they proved in any demonstrable way that they have improved the jobs that we need them to do? >> well, if you look at the last quarter in the last year of how they had to readjust it, the answer is no. we agree that we are a country in economic distress and i'm proud that president obama pivoted back to jobs, because he has not been talking about the economy or the deficit or the jobs in the inaugural, and i
12:36 am
thought it was a huge gap in the inaugural speech, so it is a good thing that he is talking about it. i may not be agreeing with everything that he is saying, but i am glad that he is talking about it. i thought he offered a great grocery list of what he wanted, but i am not sure we can afford it. he said it is not going to be increasing by one dime, but he is right, it is a whole lot of dimes. >> and van, we will get your response and go to the break and get more on the other side, but what is the response? >> well, on the last topic, nothing stops a bullet in the other neighborhoods like a job, a good job. there is a big economic dimension to the issues that are connected. and number two, the things that the president put forward to create jobs are things that we can afford the do and have to do. he talked about the public/private partnerships to bring in capital to fix the bridges and the roads. it is irresponsible to let 70,000 bridges fall down and
12:37 am
then fix them which costs more money. he needs common sense ideas and i hope he gets credit for the common sense ideas to help make america stronger and create jobs. >> you said job growth and raising taxes creates partisan gridlock like almost nothing, and margaret, tell me if i'm right, but when you say raising taxes, it is the opposite of job growth and stimulus to the republican, fair? >> yes, and the republicans feel that taxes just went up, and quickly, pause we have to go to the break, but the president mentioned the word debt in the context of the federal debt, and marco rubio listed it seven or eight time, and that is a major error, and this is the watermark of the president to attack what he says are the drivers of the debt and the "washington post" editorial board meeting where he wants to be that guy with the
12:38 am
legacy, he has now to act, and he totally missed the opportunity tonight to go this that direction. >> cornell, you are so deep in thought, quick counterpoint. >> well, it is going to boggle my mind, because if we want the economy, if we are in a real recession and keep cutting, you cannot cut your way to prosperity, it is not common sense. >> and let's leave it there. >> and $24 billion in -- >> deficit and not debt. >> and they are going to keep fighting behind me. and following another important story tonight, a shootout and hostage, and now still waiting to confirm the fate of ex-fugitive and cop killer. we will get a live update from california when we come back. w. ...but he'd wait for her forever, for any reason, and would always be there with the biggest welcome home.
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>> announcer: this is cnn breaking news. hello, everyone. recapping this hour's news from california. authorities are hoping that a ten-day killing rampage is over after tuesday's shootout and fire near a mountain resort. they are pretty sure that christopher dorner the fired los angeles policeman now linked to four deaths is the man who took refuge in a cabin burned down. but i say pretty sure, because there are no true confirmation of reports to the positive identification. >> that cabin is too hot for anybody to get entry. no body has been recovered in the cabin. that cabin has not been searched because it is too hot as of five minutes ago for anybody to go in there. any reports of a body being found are not true. no body has yet been found in there, and any reports that the body has been identified as christopher dorner is not true. nobody has been identified and nobody has been located. >> why the confusion? we are going to talk about that with a journalis in a moment, but first, more information of the tuesday's shootout and fire
12:43 am
happened in san bernardino county where one deputy was killed and another critically wounded by a suspect they believe to be dorner. they say that the suspect was inside of the cabin that burned down, but they have not gone inside. >> and that cabin has not been entered. law enforcement has not entered the cabin, because it is hot and smoldering and not safe for them to enter. i cannot tell you at this time when they will enter the cabin. it is a huge crime scene and anticipate them being there most of the night. there is no conflicting information. it is too hot to go in there. they believe there is a body inside, but they have not been inside, because it is not safe. >> that is cindy bachmann from the san bernardino sheriff's office. let's try to sort out the
12:44 am
confusion. we have jen who is covering the shootout from "time" magazine. what is your sense of the competing accounts of what is going on, if there is a body and the result of the burning? >> thank you for having me on, chris. there is quite a lot of confusion going on, because a police chief, and deputy police chief from the riverside came out and reported in a meeting to have said that the body was found, and the lapd came out and said, no, no, no body has been found and we will be stuck with that until the morning. >> look, a lot of good reasons that the confusion could be going on, jens, because it is unusual for so many branchs of the law enforcement to coordinate, and they don't normally communicate, and maybe a symptom of that? >> yes, it is unprecedented.
12:45 am
you have to look at the largest reward ever offered in the history of this city and region. you had all sorts of agencies coordinating, and in fact, the agency that began the whole standoff today was the fish and wildlife who got involved in the chase and the shootout with dorner, so they were coordinating with the deputies involved in the gunfight and the lapd, and so many people involved in this that it is quite confusing. >> just to give a sense of the enormity of what to take on. two different carjackings, hostages and two shootouts and three branches of law enforcement involved and now jens, we are left with this conflicting situation where the lapd is saying that we don't know that he is in there and to prove that we think that he may not be in there, we will keep all of the security precautions from the man targeted by these men up and going and then the san bernardino office who seems
12:46 am
to have removed the perimeter and allowed the traffic to flow, and very conflicting information. thank you for the reporting throughout the day and i am sure that we will speak to you again. thank you for putting in the time with us. >> thank you, chris. >> that is jens gould and he is covering this for "time" magazine. so now back to the presidential address. we went back and polled some americans and half said they had a positive response and 24% said somewhat positive and 22% said they had a negative response. we asked if the speech would lead to more bipartisan cooperation, and 59% said yes, and 53% said no, and we will talk about the numbers in a moment. most were satisfied with the speech of the length and 81% saying it is about right, an hour and so, and we asked how it compared to the inaugural address and 58% said they liked it better and only 20% liked the
12:47 am
inaugural address. this is not a scientific poll, but more were democrats and just as more democrats watch a democratic president than republicans. and a president spoke about a controversial issue that he spoke about in the address and the topic is climate change. >> we can choose to believe that super storm sandy and the most severe drought in decades and the worst wildfires some states have ever seen were a freak coincidence. or we can choose to believe in the overwhelming judgment of science and act before it is too late. >> get back to the contributors right now. hoover, were you laughing at me flubbing on the prompter or something else? >> well, just doing a little dance with the climate change -- >> and you to love van jones, because he has a great name and good moves.
12:48 am
>> and we are all just happy that he mentioned climate change, because this man gets giddy. >> i want to give you the climate change, because it matters, and there is no question. however, what fomented the most debate before we left was the fundamental proposition to deal with imminently, and it is spinning, and everything is saying the same thing in the government, cut spending, and cut spending and a we have a moral and legal and all of these duties to cut the spending and then a constant fight about what that means. tonight, president obama to set the table said my budget proposal will keep us deficit-neutral. and i ask you, cornell, is that good enough when you have to be paying down debt and the deficit? good enough to be neutral? can it be true that it is neutral and enough? >> no, but not for the reasons that you say. he wants to make it completely neutral, because that is a compromise to say, we won't add on anymore, but most of the economists will tell you that we
12:49 am
need to stimulate the economy more, and guess what, the chart that he showed when we started picking up, funny thing is that you correlate that chart to when the recovery package was implemented and we had our economy to pick up. it is not rocket science. >> look, you to stop picking on chris. >> you have disagreed with everything. >> this man has been on his feet for 15 hours. >> and he has better hair and attacking everything that i say. >> he is the new guy. >> you know. >> and you know -- >> trial by fire. look. >> you are supposed to disagree with them, and that is the way it is to work and i'm not supposed to disagree. >> it is bad when they disagree with each other. >> there is a view of the liberal and the conservative view to stimulate the economy. they believe if you let the government get out of the way, it will generate more taxpayers to generate more revenue, and
12:50 am
cornell and the friends believe that it is the government spend hag is going to generate the spending in the middle-class, and i will legal let you know that, because that is your expertise, but if you say deficit-neutral, and if you have deficit-neutral and trillion dollar budgets, you are still adding trillion dollars of debt every year. >> and strong point from hoover, and what do you say, van jones? >> well, at the break, we were going back and forth hard, but democrats an republicans are actually mirror images when it comes to the climate change, and the democrats say we have a moral obligation to act, and if we keep doing this, we will have super storms that are awful, and the republicans say the same thing on the budget and the debt and the deficit and if we keep doing what we are doing, and somehow the logic of democrats makes sense to climate but not deficit. >> and two different storms. >> yes, and you have a fiscal and debt cliff, and there it is
12:51 am
and the other is climate. >> well, we have this group here and the entire group of everyone else on the internet social media and it lit up when president obama called for increasing the minimum wage and the most tweeted most of the speech and racking up 24,000 tweets a minute. now, also a lot of activity on a lighter note, and both twitter and facebook exploded when senator rubio paused to take a drink of water in his speech. >> nothing has frustrated me more than the false choices that the president has laid out. the choice is not just between big government and -- >> oh, you are a pro. that is all you will talk about. the puns on twitter were relentless and so did the hashtag watergate. >> he reached for a bottle of water, but if it were a mojito
12:52 am
and a cigar. >> oh, no. >> it is one of the most painful parts of politics that the man is up there, and of course, the mouth is going to be dry, and i have drunk like nine cups of water tonight, but it winds up to be a big deal. i won't talk about it anymore and i won't do it for the senator and all decency we won't talk about it anymore, but this is what we will speak about and when we heard the president speak emotionally about gun violence, we had an exclusive interview with the hero in the president's address. he survived a massacre and a barrage of bullets. you must hear his story.
12:53 am
12:54 am
12:55 am
we have something special for you now. we saw raw emotion in the house chamber tonight when president obama spoke about gun violence.
12:56 am
he pointed to a police officer who had rushed to the scene of a shooting massacre, and take a listen. >> we should follow the example of a police officer named brian murphy. when a gunman opened fire on a sikh temple in wisconsin. he did not consider his own safety, but fought back until other officers arrived to help protect the safety of other americans worshipping inside, and even as he lay bleeding from 12 bullet wounds. >> not only shot that many times, but the reason he took all of those shots was to distract the shooter so he could not go back in, and how do we know? because we sat with an exclusive interview with lieutenant brian murphy. >> i have been hit an awful lot, and when you look down and you are on your belly and your hands are shot to pieces, you start to
12:57 am
thinking, i might be in trouble here. >> reporter: lieutenant murphy remembers all of the 15 bullets he took on what he called a beautiful morning this past august after shots were fired at a sihk temple. >> reporter: what happened? >> we both shot at about the same time when i saw his pistol come up. 30 or 40 yards maybe, and i missed and he hit me directly in the chin and went down my throat and ripped apart my voice box and larynx. >> reporter: the voice is damaged, but there is dash cam video the show to story, of how murray tries to capture the man firing right at him. when murphy is hit, the shooter closes in. nine people were already shot. six died in a hateful act of domestic terrorism, and now lieutenant murphy was in the shooter's sights, and that is when the shots hit me in the
12:58 am
back of the leg and the vest a couple of times, and then he shot me directly in the back of the head just right here in the back of the skull. that is the one that kind of stopped me in my tracks. >> reporter: that should have killed murphy, but it was the beginning. >> he continued to shoot probably six to eight feet away. and then all of the sudden, it got very quiet. there was no sound. there was nothing. and that was the first time that i thought i might be going out. i just felt warm and my eyes got heavy, and i thought, i could stay here. >> reporter: in a life or death situation, the officer makes an amazing decision. instead of curling up to protect himself, he keeps moving to distract the gunman and a heroic move that came at great costs.
12:59 am
>> nobody gets shot this many times and was that going through your head, i can't believe i have been shot that many times. >> and you know, it is funny you say that, and it is silly to laugh, but i thought, jesus, are you not done? i mean, how many times can you not shoot someone? >> reporter: even when help comes, murphy waves off the fellow officers telling them to help others first. his survival is a miracle. i have never heard of anybody who took 15 rounds before and you probably never have heard it. why you? have you asked yourself, why was i chosen to survive? >> it is probably one of the first questions i asked even in intensive care, why me? i probably could have lived with myself if it was one of the officers who i worked with. >> reporter: part of why may have been answered when he received an invitation to be a guest of the president at the state of the union.
1:00 am
>> reporter: when people see you at the state of the union, what do you believe you will symbolize? >> i hope perseverance. i hope dedication to duty. >> reporter: his presence in the first lady's box may also symbolize the president's push for restriction of guns. >> from the societal point of view, there has to be recognition of the fact that this is a problem. does it necessarily mean restriction, i don't know. my shooter would have passed any background check, and as a matter of fact, went and bought his weapon legally, and does that mean we give up and don't touch anything? i think that what is being done is the correct thing. >> reporter: for all he has lived there one thing that lieutenant murphy is sure he does not want to be lived with is that word. >> if you want to call me stubborn man of the year, fine. but i don't want the word hero.
1:01 am
>> reporter: well, you have to get used to it, because you want to hold out what heroic behavior is. >> well, i hope so. >> reporter: i have never been so happy to shake a hand from brooklyn before. >> thank you, thank you. >> and he is from brooklyn and lieutenant brian murphy, you represent us at the best. i want to thank the panel, ana navarro and margaret hoover and cornell belcher, and van jones, thank you for being with us. we will have more on the state of the union and more of the unfolding drama in california of the union and more of the unfolding drama in california right now on cnn. you're listening to still
1:02 am
developing this morning the manhunt for accused killeder ex-killer after a shoot-out that took place on live television. and an inferno in the woods. did the reign of terror end in a fall of fire? the latest detailses in a moment. we know what needs to be done. >> as he begins his second term, president obama issues a challenge to congress. finish the job. we're live in washington taking the pulse and checking the facts. >> and in just a half hour, pope benedict xvi will make his first public appearance since announcing his retirement. thousands of the faithful are gathering to say good-bye. good morning. it is 4:00 a.m., it is a special show this morning. we are live here in the nation's capital where just a few hours ago, president obama challenged congress to act. there was also a response from
1:03 am
senator marco rubio that has a lot of people talk. we'll have reaction, what they got right, what they got wrong. but first there is another major developing story to get to. >> we begin with some of the developments overnight, the manhunt for christopher dorner, the search for the renegade former l.a. cop apparently coming to a fiery end in a burning cabin near big bear lake. he allegedly shot two more officer, killing one of them, before he barricaded himself in this cabin. his reign of terror ended when a s.w.a.t. team detonated a smoke device inside the cabin and set it on fire. the charred human remains have apparently been found. still don't have a positive confirmation that it is in fact christopher dorner. police spent nearly a week frantically looking for dorner, searching the big bear area. how they are finally able to corner the suspect.
1:04 am
>> reporter: a hail of bullets. a cabin burning to the ground. and fugitive ex-cop christopher dorner believed inside. after six days of combing through big bear, the first dorner report came midday. "l.a. times" reports two maids cleaning a home were tied up, their car stolen. the first law enforcement to spot the suspect in the stolen car were two fish and wildlife officers. >> first was a purple knee son which he ultimately appeared to have been driving too fast, lost control, crashed it. car jacked the second white pickup and then was fleeing the scene which is when our warden noticed him. they were so close that he recognized his face. >> reporter: suspected cop killer christopher dorner. the suspect opened fire, 15 shots, hitting the patrol car, narrowly missing the officers. they chased the truck to this cab continue. as they began their approach, a
1:05 am
man inside opened fire. the gunfight captured by a local news reporter's cell phone. radio calls from the officers. then the heart sinking call. >> we have an officer down. officer down. >> officer down. another officer down. >> one of our deputies was injured. he's being treated here at low melinda. and unfortunately, one our deputies passed away as a result of his injuries. >> it's a brotherhood,and unfor deputies passed away as a result of his injuries. >> it's a brotherhood, it's a difficult day. >> reporter: they closed down all roads in and out searching cars leaving the mountain. back at the cabin, officers saw no one leave. then this. >> more ammo going off.
1:06 am
>> the person that barricaded himself inside the cabin and engaged this gunfire with our deputies and other law enforcement officers is still inside there. >> reporter: the cabin burned to the ground, the suspect believed still inside. san bernardino sheriff's department confident enough to drop the road blocks even as they wait for dna identification. the largest man hunt oilg has come to an end. so many twists and turns over the lasts 24 hours. and we have new details this morning of how officers were able to track down dorner. paul, the police were combing this area for nearly a week. they did take a step back, but how did they ultimately get their break? >> ultimately it came from a stolen nissan from a house where he had tied up some maids. this knee son heads down highway
1:07 am
38, john, and then the two fish and wildlife officers spot him closely following the bumper of two school buses. they try flip around and catch him, then three other fish and wildlife officers find him down a grass road. he disappears. and then they see a stolen white pickup coming toward them. let's hear from the department of fish and wildlife. >> the the one in front noticed a white truck coming down driving erratically at a pretty high rate of speed. because he was drawn to this erratic behavior, he took a close look at the driver and recognized him as the suspect. before he everyohe even had a c put it on the radio, of course they're driving now in opposite directions again, so he's already passed the suspect vehicle, the suspect rolled his window down and when the second patrol truck came up with the two wardens inside, that's when
1:08 am
he engaged in the shooting with our wardens as they were driving. >> so one did shoot at dorner, but drner got away and headed for that cabin. >> so you're wearing a ski hat. this is a resort area. give us a sense of the geography. where was this house where he apparently tied up those maids? >> reporter: let's talk about the temperatures. temperatures got very low here overnight, so they said he couldn't survive out there. at some point 5 degree, windchill below zero. topography here, 8,000 feet, tons of empty cabins. we witnessed these s.w.a.t. teams and certainly crews go right by this neighborhood. i'm certain they were on that street. i was on that street. but because so many of the cabins are empty, we had neighbors tell us as perhaps as many as nine out of ten. it seems dorner might have had the opportunity to hop scotch between multiple cbin cabins
1:09 am
possibly unoccupied before he came to the cabin where he was discovered by the maids. let's hear how the cabin is like. >> there's actually more than one cabin, it has five smaller cabins. and my mother rents them out. no ammunition or firearms that i know of. it also has a basement, though. >> how big a basement? >> probably about 800 square foot. >> reporter: so just speculation as to whether or not he hidden in in that basement, but it sounds like it could be likely. >> and of course authorities will have to search the whom house probably including that basement later on. thanks very much, paul, for that report. >> let's bring in former nassau county police officer. he now heads up a security agency. nice to have you back. so it's unclear if in fact the body is that of the man that they've been searching for. what does your gut tell you on
1:10 am
this? >> instinctively i feel like it probably is him in the house. but i have to say this. i lean towards the policy, the position of lapd that until they have complete identification through dna, that their position is that this is not resolved. >> you've read the manifesto. was there anything in that manifesto that led you to believe it wouldn't end in some kind of a fiery shoot-out? he made it very clear that this was going to be a very violent sort of interaction. >> i do believe that the manifesto subscribed to that whole scenario. the thing that's interesting here is that i don't think dorner ever anticipated breaking an axle on a truck and having his plans taken a real hard right turn, stranding him up in big bear which was problematic unto itself. survival perspective, he probably realized that there are just limited arteries in and out of big bear and that they would be covered by law enforcement. these were probably his thought patterns. so he elected instead to try to find shelter up there, which
1:11 am
inadvertently leapt itself to this scenario. >> it did seem that law enforcement at a point decided to seize the house and end this as opposed to just sitting outside and letting him wait inside. did the manifesto lend to this position? >> i think what motivated or moved us in that direction was the satisfaction of law enforcement that he was in there by himself. there's a lot of technology available today, john, thermal imaging for one. and thermal imaging is even more effective as the temperatures are colder. so i think that they probably examined the cabin which wasn't problematic with thermal imaging, realizeded he was the only person in there, and decided to bring this will to culmination before it got any dark darker. because the darkness although may not have had a dramatic impact on the turnout, would have been a little bit more in his favor. i wasn't there. i'm not 100% certain as to the tactics that they employed, can they create a perimeter around this cabin that he was in, but i do know that they wanted to
1:12 am
bring this will to culmination as quickly as possible. >> luke palumbo, nice to have you. we appreciate it. the other big story this morning, president obama's state of the union address. the president laying out his vision for a second term really at the same time challenging republican ares to work with him. the speech seemed to hit home with the majority of americans. orc poll found 53% had a very positive reaction. 24% were somewhat positive. and 22% reacted negatively. still, the majority of speech watchers, 53% said they do not believe this will lead to more bipartisan cooperation. cnn's brianna keilar has more. >> we can say with renewed confidence that the state of our union is strong. >> reporter: in the first state of the union address of his second term, president obama
1:13 am
unveiled a slate of new proposals aimed at improving the lives of the middle class, taking on everything from universal preschool education to repairing the nation's aging infrastructure to addressing the threat of climate change. he urged congress to put partisan differences aside on the issue of immigration and to stay focused on a plan to jump-start the nation's lethargic economy. >> the american people have worked too hard for too long rebuilding from one crisis to see their elected officials cause another. >> reporter: renewing an unfulfilled promise from his first presidential campaign, obama asked congress to increase the federal minimum wage to $9 an hour. >> let's declare that in the wealthiest nation on earth, no one who works full-time should have to live in poverty. let's tie the minimum wage to the cost of living so that it finally becomes a wage you can live on. >> reporter: in the moment of the night, the president called on congress to vote for tougher gun legislation.
1:14 am
stepped up background checks and as assault weapons ban. >> gabby giffords deserves a vote. the families of newtown deserve a vote. the families of aurora deserve a vote. >> reporter: on national security, the president warned of the threats posed by enemy hackers, announcing new measures to increase information sharing. and adding long sought details on the pace of the drawdown in afghanistan, he announced plans to bring home nearly half the troops serving there by this time next year. >> another 34,000 american troops will come home from afghanistan, this drawdown will continue. and by the end of next year, our war in afghanistan will be over. >> reporter: how will all of this be paid for? the president vowed -- >> nothing i'm proposing tonight should increase our deficit by a single dime. >> reporter: but the dollars and
1:15 am
cents won't be released until president obama unveils his budget next month. brianna keilar, cnn, washington. the republican senator marco rubio gave the gop response to the president's state of the union address. and he was a little tense and nervous, drinking water through the speech. people said, though, he scored his highest marks when he talked about big government. here's what he said. >> and the idea that more taxes and more government spending is the best way to help hard working middle class taxpayers, that's an old idea that's failed every time it's been tried. more government isn't coming in to help you get ahead. it's going to hold you back. more government isn't going to create more opportunities. it's going to limit them. and more government isn't going to inspire new ideas, new businesses and new private sector jobs. it's going to create uncertainty. >> rand paul gave the tea party response. and he chastised both parties for spending too much.
1:16 am
>> it is often said there's not enough bipartisanship up here. that's not true. in fact there is plenty of bipartisanship. both parties have been guilt iity of spending too much, probabilitying their sacred cow, of back room deals in which everyone up here wins, but every taxpayer loses. >> ahead at 6:00, we'll talk more about the state of the union, some analysis from tim huelskamp. also joined by don baer. we'll talk about how the president did and of course the rebuttals, as well. coming up next, a ycruise t remember for all the wrong reasons. the ship adrift, bathrooms that don't work. today there is some light at the end of the tunnel. we'll have a live report just ahead. 
1:17 am
1:18 am
1:19 am
welcome back. the toilets are overflowing.
1:20 am
sewage is sloshing around the hallways and they are running out of food. new tales of horror coming from the gulf of mexico where a disabled carnival cruise ship became an island of stranded people. here's how one passenger described how disgusting it is. >> there is sewage when you walk in the hallways. you have to cover your face. it's disgusting. >> i'm sorry if you're in the middle of breakfast this morning. but there is good news to report. a second tug has arrived, passengers say the poet is moving now. and there are even some activities planned for the day. victor blackwell is live in mobile, alabama where that ship is expected to arrive tomorrow. what's the late theest on the progress? i hear the winds are really affecting which direction the boat goes in. >> reporter: the winds have affected the direction. originally the thought was to take to mexico, but because of the wind drift, it's now coming here to mobile and the latest
1:21 am
update from carnival is that it's moving along at 6 knots, on time for thursday arrival, that's about seven miles per hour. the manager of the cruise terminal, the director of the port, they both say that this area is ready partly because up until october of 2011, carnival cruise ships came through mobile's port on a regular basis. when it comes to personnel, we're told that about 75 to 100 local people, local security, will be at the cruise terminal in addition to all the carnival staff, homeland security, everyone to process this deembar indication quickly. the triumph will be the largest ship to come into the cruise terminal, but only about by 40 feet. the largest number of passengers but only by about 300. there are larger cargo ships that come through the channel on a regular basis to the chip yard. now, for the people after they arrive and go through the process and grab their luggage, there are several options what to to next. there will be some peenl who immediately want to take a hot shower and get into a comfortable bed. so carnival has reserved 1500
1:22 am
rooms here in mobile and new orleans. for people who want to go on a bus and head home, they have reserved motor coaches to take those people home and they've also chartered 20 flights from several airports to take them both to houston and galveston to end this trip and there will be some people who just want to get home immediately. >> i would imagine so. so the president of carnival cruise lines has spoken to the press. what does he say about the deplorable conditions on board? >> and we've heard those descriptions about the sewage and no hot water. but there is running water. and he talked about first how sorry he is for the conditions and all the people are enduring on this ship. he also talked about the water situation. let's listen. >> first of all, there is running water. and there's a good number of bathrooms that do work. so we obviously in a situation like this, i think you'll be
1:23 am
very sensitive to all hygiene procedures. so we can tell you that there are not been any abnormal number of people to the infirmaries. >> as it relates to bathrooms on this ship, we're told that there are 23 public bathrooms and many of the forward cabin bathrooms are working in the private cabins. >> i suspect a hot shower is top order for most of the people on board. victor blackwell, thank you very much. it is 21 past the hour. so much for the bipartisan thing. some gop senators threatening a filibuster this morning after former senator chuck hagel cleared a major hurdle toward becoming the next defense secretary. the senate armed services committee narrowly approved his controversial nomination, that was yesterday. no republicans on on the panel backed the former nebraska gop senator. the nomination moves to the full senate for a vote which is expected to happen this week. maybe as early as tonight we hear. and four members of the university of alabama national
1:24 am
championship football team have been suspended indefinitely after they were arrested earlier this week. three of the players eddie williams, tyler hayes and d.j. pettway are accused of robbing two students on campus. a fourth player brent callaway is charged with fraudulent use of a credit k5card, as well. it's been part of the olympic, but wrestling is now being dropped. the committee making that decision based on global participation and the popularity of the sport they say. wrestling was part of the first modern olympic games back in 1896. i for one will miss it. love wrestling. what about you? >> that's a bit of a shocker. >> it is. >> it beats out like the modern pen tath lon, shooting and -- it's absurd.
1:25 am
it's been there from the beginning. >> i agree, thanks. we're minding your business this morning. your money, of course, a huge topic for president obama last might during the state of the union. >> he called for congress to raise minimum wage. christine romans has a a little more of what the president said last night. we haven't really heard that from the president before. >> not for several years. he promised to raise the minimum wage five years ago and last night was the plan. >> let's declare that in the wealthiest nation on earth, no one who works full-time should have to live in poverty and raise the federal minimum wage to $9 an hour. >> he wants to do that by 2015, he wants to also peg the minimum wage to inflation, so when prices go up, wages automatically go up with it. right now the federal minimum wage is $7.25 an hour, about 14 grand a year. most states adhere that guideline or close to it
1:26 am
mandating a wage in the $7 to $8 range. washington has the highest, its minimum wablg is more than $9 an hour. so some states have different higher wages than the minimum wage. this is a 24% increase in the wage. it's a big jumpg. and i can guarantee you some business groups will push back hard on this. their biggest argument, this will hurt jobs. why? if they have to pay more for the workers they have, they won't be able to hire more. you hear this every single time someone talks about raising the minimum wage. the employment policies institute whiched a vow the cats for employers says that more than 450,000 jobs would be lost if the minimum wage goes up to, say, $9.80. but for every study that argues that, there's studies for the other side, too. they say if minimum wage kept up with inflation, can really would be about $10 an hour, that's more like the living wage. bottom line, it's always a very contentious fight between business owners who say they can't afford it and worker groups who say it is just fair.
1:27 am
the last minimum wage increase was 2009, right now 3.8 million people are working minimum wage or less. did you know this was the most tweeted and talked about subject of the speech last night on social media. >> interesting. >> came as a little surprise. the white house kept it under wraps until late, late in the day. so it was a surprise to many of the people watching. it is something he campaigned on in 2008, but then it was $9.50 an hour. >> all right. christine, thank you. early this morning we're taking a look at a couple big stories. dramatic end to the hunt for an armed fugitive in california. we shall detahave details for y. >> and president obama's impassioned plea on behalf of victims of gun violence. [ anouncer ] ihop's new griddle melts... made fresh and hot! hand crafted just for you. it's like a sexy sandwich. [ anouncer ] compare new griddle melts yourself.
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